End of Suffering

People don’t really take the Buddhist liberation claim all that seriously if they continue to go about their lives without looking into the practice.  The Buddhist claim is that there is a way to end suffering. That is huge.

Schools don’t teach us that if we live our lives in a certain way we will stop suffering. If we learn math, literature, science, music and study hard and apply ourselves then we can go to a good university and get a good job and we can live a productive life. We just assume that this will make us happy. It may, but it won’t end our suffering.  To end our suffering we have to pay attention to our suffering.

If we pay attention to our suffering well enough, we will see the cause of our suffering. When we see the cause of our suffering, we will know how to end our suffering and live a happy, harmonious, joyous life. With a payoff like that, it seems worth looking into.


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