Enter Here

Spiritual and scientific seekers are always looking for ways to get closer to the Truth. This seeking is something we do, whether we want to or not. We are always trying to figure out how things are. Seeing how things are can be quite shocking. It can be overwhelming. It can be daunting, confusing, scary, delightful, and/or joyous. Being open to all these possibilities can be  draining, or energizing. At some point, even devoted seekers shut down and just imagine that they know how things are. When that happens to us, we have to work hard to keep our minds closed to all the contrary evidence around us.

If we decide life is horrible, that is safe. We can easily see all the horrors around us. We can accept the small joys that life throws our way as insubstantial blips or distractions on our quest to study the horrors of existence. If we decide that life is wonderful, that is also safe.  We can easily see all the splendor around us. We can accept all the horrors that pass through our attention as shadows trying to drag us from our bliss. Seekers can rest in either or both of these world views but the evidence will always keep coming to dislodge any firmly held beliefs.

In order to find peace along the seeking path, we have to resist jumping to these affirming or condemning judgements. We just keep our eyes, ears and minds open to see where we are. Maybe this will be horrible or wonderful, but how is it right now? Maybe that was horrible or wonderful, but how is it now? The Truth is always occurring to us, with us and around us. If we want to get closer to it, we just enter Here. How’s That?


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