Even You

It seems like depression is personal. It is a problem that has chosen to bring you down while everybody else seems capable of enjoying life. Other people smile naturally. They enjoy the small things and the big things.  Other people have fun easily. You, however, have something wrong with you. Your particular situation makes enjoying life impossible. Happiness is simply not an option for you.

Even you are capable of finding enjoyment in life. Even in your particular situation, you can change your mind and change your world. The only idea you need to change is that your situation is unworkable. Change the idea that there is something particular about you that makes pleasure impossible. If you think that about you, then your idea of you is as big as the moon.

You are not as big as the moon. You are quite small compared to the moon. You’re idea of yourself is distorted. You are suffering from a distorted idea of yourself. You are not so special that you are the only human being incapable of happiness. You are so special because, despite what you are going through, even you are capable of finding joy in life.

You are extra special, because when you do find your way to joy, you will become a beacon of light to help others who will feel like you do now. Hang in there. Howl at the moon.


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