If you feel like you are having difficulty being present in the moment, just try to be anywhere else. The minute you try to get out of the present, there you are in the present. If you try to be present, that works too. Try and there you are. If you don’t even think about the present, then you are still in the present. There’s no getting around it.

Finding happiness through being in the present moment is different from just being in the present moment. Finding happiness through the present moment requires your attention. If you are not feeling happy, you are thinking about something else. Pay attention to what it is that you are thinking. If you are being sucked into a rage, notice that. Usually anger is at another person. If there is no other person, then you are angry at yourself. We don’t tend to get angry at the moon. Whoever is the object of your anger, you and they can benefit from compassion. If it is only you then you will reap all the benefit. Because compassion does not come naturally with anger, you have to summon it. You have to practice summoning it. It could start with, I wish I could be compassionate, or I know I should be compassionate, that would help. That works  not only with anger, but with any type of suffering.

Just being in the present doesn’t make you happy. Being aware in the present will help you find happiness. Being aware helps you notice suffering, noticing suffering helps you summon compassion, compassion invites happiness. Over time, awareness comes naturally, compassion comes naturally, happiness comes naturally. When that happens, being constantly in the present can be delightful.


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