Everybody Suffers

There is surprising comfort in the notion that everybody suffers. When you are enduring your own brand of suffering, remembering that everybody else is suffering along with you, in their own particular ways, can bring some perspective to your suffering.

If you are suffering a lot, it can be helpful to know that most people also suffer a lot. A good way to identify other people who suffer is to look around you and if you see anybody, or think of any person you know, or have heard of, chances are very good that they suffer, possibly a lot. You are not alone in those feelings.

Although it is comforting to know that you are not the only one who suffers, when you have a handle on your own suffering, you realize how sad it is that so many people are suffering so much. When you feel that sadness for somebody else’s suffering, that is compassion. Even though that compassion feels like sadness, you may notice that it eases your suffering.

Your particular kind of suffering is especially difficult because you feel it directly. It has all of the complex circumstances of your life. Because it is your suffering, you are uniquely qualified to find the remedy. When you have learned how to transcend your suffering, you can use your experience of suffering and the compassion you develop to help everybody else. Please.


2 comments on “Everybody Suffers

    1. Peter

      We suffer because we think we suffer.

      The root of that sort of thinking is the idea that we are something separate and above or below everything else.

      Also, unpleasant emotions and physical pain hurt.

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