Everyday Enlightenment

Everybody is enlightened. Some people notice it, some people don’t. Those of us who do not feel enlightened think that there is something about us that just doesn’t get it. We think enlightenment is something that happens to other people. We worry that we are not smart enough. We worry that we don’t have enough will power. We worry that our brains are faulty. We worry that we worry. That worry, fear, angst, self doubt, self loathing, and depression is all enlightenment.

In any moment, all we have is our experience. It takes no intelligence or special skill to feel pain. It takes no more intelligence or insight to feel happy. All we can do is feel what we feel. We feel all the time. We perceive the world around us. We think about the world. We act in the world. That is our enlightenment.

If our pain is so great that all we can concentrate on is our own pain, then that is our focus. That is our experience. When we get a break from our pain, we can notice others feeling their pain and we feel compassion. When we act with compassion for others, or ourselves, we are enlightened. When we act with malice, to harm ourselves, or others, we are still enlightened. When we are able to recognize our enlightenment, we will be filled with compassion and we will only act with kindness.


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