Expressing Anger

Anger is an emotion that requires careful expression. Any thoughtless expression of anger can easily turn anger into violence. Becoming violent does not address the cause of the anger, it just spreads the problem to the people nearest to you. The root of anger is fear and hurt. If you express your anger, letting it become violence, you take the fear and hurt that you are feeling and inflict it on those around you. The people subject to your anger will be hurt by you and afraid of you and they will also become angry. That is how anger spreads.

Anger creates a pressure, which wants to be released. When you feel that pressure you should treat it like a lit stick of dynamite and take it to a wide open space to blow up safely. Once you are safely out of range of others, you can defuse the bomb instead of letting it explode. If you feel angry, you can look into your situation to see why you are hurt and what is scaring you. If you figure out why you are so upset, you can talk to somebody about it and let them know just how and why you are hurting. Then things actually get better.

If when you feel anger, you just vent your anger, without considering those around you, they will not bother to notice that you are afraid and hurt. They will become defensive rather than compassionate. If you use your anger to help you notice how you hurt, you will find ways to stop hurting and the people around you will help you. Anger does not need to be expressed, but it needs to be released. With a mindful approach to your anger, you can transform it into compassion instead of violence. Everybody will feel better then.


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