Eyesight Insight

Eyesight  is how we see with our eyes. Insight is how we see with our minds. Both of these abilities are equally amazing. Our eyes, don’t care what they see. They see whatever they are pointed toward. They take in all the light available to them and the report that to the mind. The mind then decides what to do with that light and where to point the eyes.

Eyes can see beauty and ugliness equally. The mind just goes for beauty. When the eyes see ugliness, the mind may shut them, or point them in another direction. The eyes don’t mind though. They are not happy to be rid of the ugliness or sorry to be plunged into darkness. That is the burden of the mind.

With all the incredible things that our eyes see, we forget how amazing it is that we can see. With the incredible things that our minds can do, we can still get insight from our eyesight.


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