Faith in Delusion

If you had the same kind of faith in your delusion as you have in your reality, your reality would not seem so daunting. Developing faith in delusion is a practice in paradox. The more deluded you believe yourself to be, the less able you are to believe yourself at all. The less deluded you believe yourself to be, the more rigid your reality seems. When your reality seems overwhelming, exploring your delusion may give you some flexibility.

Despite our delusions, reality is real. The question remains about what that is and what we should do with it. When we don’t question reality, we just assume that reality is what it seems to be. At one level, reality is exactly what it seems to be. At another level, reality is not at all what it seems to be. Having faith in your delusion is believing that both these levels exit together.

The mediating force between the real and perceived real is you, your experiences and your beliefs. You have the knowledge of the world at your disposal to help you decide what to believe or not. You have friends, family, doctors, monks, clerics, sages, clowns, scientists, poets, artists, who are there to help you negotiate your reality. You also have your senses and your feelings. As all of these guides work with you to help you define reality, reality is changing. What was true in 2500 years ago is not true today. What is true in India, is not true in Indiana. Yet all you have to work with is your best guess at what is real and true where and when you are. The error in your guess is your delusion.

You can be comfortable with reality and in harmony with reality without understanding or even approving of reality. Your mind makes your reality and it can change it. With all the unknowns, misinterpretations, misrepresentations, and complexities of the world, it is necessary to become comfortable with not knowing. Although you can’t know what you don’t know, you can have faith that you don’t know all that you know. What you think is good, may be bad and bad may be good. That’s why good and bad are overrated. Have faith in your ability, in your knowledge, and in your delusion. You never know…


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