In Zen, one critical ingredient necessary to bring about satori, or enlightenment is faith.  In Roshi Phillip Kapleau’s Three Pillars of Zen, he says it is this faith that makes Zen a religion and not just a philosophy.  You need to have faith that there actually is a satori experience to be had.  You have to believe that Buddha had that experience and countless other masters, monks and laymen have had it since. Perhaps I am gullible, but I believe them. It seems to me like a repeatable and predictable experience. That is logical, scientific faith, but faith.

This morning I was struck by the pure faith of a woman standing at a bus stop.  She was standing there patiently, along the side of the road.  Her calm, perhaps a little bored, demeanor indicated that she was quite convinced that a bus would come along and pick her up.  That is faith, pure and simple.

That is how I meditate. Patient, expectant, calm, sometimes a little bored, knowing that sooner or later enlightenment will find me.  I imagine it won’t actually happen while I am meditating, but that is my bus stop. 


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