Fear of the Future

When the future is frightening, how do you plan for it without being scared by it? You don’t. You plan for it while being scared by it. Up to a point, fear helps you plan. If something is making you nervous, it’s good to try to pin it down. Then you have something to fear. Once you actually fear something you can do something about it.

As you figure out what to do about your fear, your fear moves. It moves closer and closer to the present. The closer your fear is to the present, the easier it is to do something about it.

If you’re worried about something in general, like what you’re going to do with your life, then you have nothing specific to fear, so you just worry. When you pick something that you want to do, you can start making it happen. As you figure out how to make that happen, you can come up with all sorts of little, manageable things to fear along the way. With each of those little fears, once you figure out what it is that you are afraid of, you can deal with it in the present.

If you can’t think of what you have to fear, or what you can do about it, then you can just relax in the present. If you know how to relax in the present, you have nothing to fear from the future.


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