Feeling Stupid

Its a terrible feeling to feel stupid. We put such a high value on intelligence that if you start to suspect that you’re stupid, you are filled with shame. The irony is that the stupidest people never suspect that they are stupid. If you suspect that you are stupid, you are surely intelligent. If you think that you might be stupid and explore that thought a bit, then you are using introspection to confront a deeply held fear. That is a wise thing to do. If you think that you are intelligent and you pride yourself on your intelligence, you may actually prevent yourself from learning, because you think you already know things.

Starting from stupid, is the best way to learn. There is no pride in stupid. If you let yourself be stupid, you will be open to learning anything you don’t know. People who think they are smart and know more than you may snigger at you if you ask a question about something that seems obvious to them. In that situation, you are being smart, expanding your knowledge with an honest question, and the sniggerer is being ignorant, blowing up their ego and causing another human pain.

What we think we know usually gets in the way of actually knowing. There is no greater knowledge than knowing what you don’t know. If you want to improve yourself, work on being kind. Work on being confident. Follow your curiosity. Feeling stupid is a feeling, being stupid is believing that feeling. Accepting stupid is a gateway to wisdom.


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