Feeling the Rain

Working through your negative emotions with mindfulness is like enjoying the rain. Like we like to avoid our stress, we like to avoid getting wet in the rain.  If it happens that we get caught in the rain and we give in to being wet, we can find delight in the feeling of being soaked. It can be liberating. We drop our story about how we need to be dry and how uncomfortable it is to be wet and we revel in the feeling of the rain on our skin.

It is that attitude that can help get you through a stressful situation. Although you didn’t invite the circumstance that brought on your stress, you are in it. When you notice your stress and accept the circumstance, you can give up your story that tells you things should be how they are not. That is mindfulness. It can work with any emotion, in any situation.

It is easy to get rained on and become completely upset about being wet. It is natural to try to wriggle out of our negative feelings and bemoan the circumstances that cause them. Mindfulness is the other option. Feel the feeling you feel. Accept the circumstance as you see it. Be where you are.  It can be liberating.


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