Finding Balance

If you are looking for balance in your life, stand up straight and breathe deeply. You will find that you are perfectly balanced. Your life may seem more complicated. You may be looking for balance between home and work, proteins and fats, alone time and social time, worry and wonder, serotonin and cortisol, or happiness and sadness. In many of these areas you have balance, in others you may need to create balance.

Creating balance requires changing your behavior and habits. If you begin your day by standing straight and taking a deep breath, you begin your day with balance. If you sit straight for 15-20 minutes and watch your breath, you will see where in your life that you need to create balance. You shouldn’t think about where you need to create balance, you should just focus on your breath. If you do this every day, maybe twice a day, other parts of your life will find their balance.

If you are walking on a tight rope, all you focus on is the rope. There is no room for other thoughts. The rope will hold you up. In you life, your breath is your rope. In anything that you do, you can focus on your breath and you will find balance. 


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