Finding Your Happiness

Becoming happy is not a simple matter. If you could find happiness by copying somebody else’s behavior, everybody would only have to act like the happy guy. It would be nice and simple. If you could find happiness by creating some new habits and dropping some old habits, that would take a little work, but it would be worth it. If there was somebody out there who could read your mind and flip a switch to make you happy, that would be best of all. Happiness is about the most important thing you could achieve in life, but it is not a realistic goal in itself. Your happiness is a byproduct of thinking and acting in a certain way that is completely unique to you.

Finding your happiness is like finding the Sun. You know that the Sun is there whether you can see it or not. All day you see its light. All night you have confidence the light will be back the next day. Knowing that your happiness is there, you can forget about it and pay attention to what you think and do. When you know happiness is around, you are free to notice just how you feel other than happy. You can give each feeling its time without resentment.

To find your happiness, its good to think about happiness and sadness and anger and fear for yourself and others. Your happiness is there, when you don’t worry about finding it, it will find you. 


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