Forget Happiness

If you’re having problems feeling happy, you can forget about happiness. Worrying about what you’re not feeling serves no purpose at all. As you forget about happiness, try not to remember any experiences of happiness that you have had. Remembering happy moments, just brings about happiness, which you need to forget. Happiness is a distraction from the real work of feeling what you’re feeling. When you feel happy, then you can work on feeling happiness, until then put happiness out of your mind.

Happy is a natural way to be, so as you try to put happiness out of your mind, don’t worry that you won’t revert to happiness when you are finished with what you are experiencing instead. What you are experiencing instead is your self. If you’re not feeling happy, you’re imagining that you are something that you are not, so it is important to find out what you actually are. You don’t have to like your self or dislike your self when you experience your self. Liking and disliking just get in the way of knowing. Wishing for happiness also gets in the way. When you have the opportunity to explore your self, use that time to see what it is that you are.

The amazing thing about looking deeply into who and what you are, is that when you notice it, you will be absolutely pleased. You won’t see that you are something radically different from what you are now. You will see what you have always been.  Although this will make you feel happiness again, don’t worry, you will still be able to explore your Self when you are happy.


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