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From today, February 26, through Monday, March 2, you can download the Kindle version of Looking 4 Truths for free. Please go to my author’s page at download a free copy now.

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Looking 4 Truths: Using Zen and Mindfulness to Transform Your Life – Zen Mister Series Volume II

This book is a compilation of writings from Peter Taylor, Zen master Bub-In of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Like our lives, it is framed around the Four Noble Truths.

The book encourages compassionate introspection as you view your self reflected in its pages. You can use the message of the book for short-term and long-term relief of your suffering. You can see if the 4 Truths are true for you.

1. There is suffering – Do you suffer?

2. There is a cause for suffering – Do you know why you suffer?

3. There is a cure for suffering – Do you know that you can end your suffering?

4. There is a way to that cure – Do you know how to end your suffering?

If you have ever suffered or know of somebody who has suffered, you should read this book.


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