Fruits of Meditation

Sometimes, people who meditate may be considered a bit fruity. If you’re very self conscious, just sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and your hands resting in your lap or, even fruitier, with your hands resting on your knees in a mudra, is enough to ruin any meditation with thoughts about how ridiculous you appear.

***Before I continue here, I would like to excuse myself, and beg forgiveness for using the word fruity and speaking of fruits. When I was young, the terms fruit and fruity were used as derogatory, homophobic slurs. Like we rinse fruits and berries before we eat them, I would like to wash that term of its hateful history and use it as a delightful, loving, nutritious, fun word, like nutty, goofy, silly, and funky.***

If you don’t worry about looking ridiculous while you meditate, you may assume an air of spiritual pride and pompousness. That is about the same as feeling foolish. The best way to sit is like an apple. Just sit there.

As you sit there like a fruit, you come face to face with yourself. You see that these ideas about yourself like fruity, fine, foolish or fantastic are all just ideas. You will come to know what you are, so you won’t concern yourself with laden labels. When you sit with focused attention, you notice that your are full of dignity. At that point your practice is ripening.


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