Funny Peace

There is nothing more satisfying than finding peace. That is what peace does, it satisfies. That is why we love to find peace. The mystery is how we ever lose peace. You would think that something as satisfying as peace would not be something that we would ever lose. Yet, if we are not at peace, we have lost it. When we realize that, it behooves us to find it again.

Finding peace is not as hard as it seems. Peace is all around us. To find peace, we have to look for peace. If we notice that we are not at peace, then we can either lament the fact that we are not at peace and continue to suffer, or we can look for peace. If we are not at peace, then to find peace we need to look outside of ourselves. We can look for someone else that may be at peace. We look at our dog or our cat, they are generally at peace. We can look at a flower or the moon. We can listen to the sounds around us. We can find peace in a pleasant scent. Peace is never far away from where we are right now. To find it we just have to know that it is there and look for it.

If we know that peace is nowhere to be found, then there is no point in looking and there is not much chance that we will find it. In that case we just give up and accept the fact that we are doomed to continue to suffer. If we manage to accept that fact, we will also find some peace. Peace is funny that way.


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