Get Over Yourself

When you find yourself in difficult circumstances, the last thing you need to do is stand in your own way. If you think you might be getting in your way, you need to get over yourself. If you can’t get over yourself, you can try to go around yourself, under yourself or through yourself. Somehow you must get beyond yourself.

Getting over yourself starts with taking a good look at yourself and figuring out what it is about you that is you. If you look in a mirror, you can see yourself clearly. Clearly, that image in the mirror is not you. It is a reflection. When you walk away from the mirror you are gone.

What you think of as you is no more you than the you in the mirror is you. Imagining that you don’t know exactly what you are is a good start in getting over yourself. Just like you see yourself in the mirror, you can see yourself in everything you do. Every thought that goes through your mind, every opinion, every feeling you experience is a reflection of you, but it is not you. You are somewhere in each experience and each experience adds something or takes something away from you. You are constantly experiencing and constantly changing. What was you a few moments ago is not you now.

If you think it is possible to get over yourself, then you can imagine a you that is above you.  If you can imagine that you are not what you think you are and that you might be something above you, then you are beginning to get over yourself. From that point of view, beyond you, you can look into the feelings and thoughts that you have and see what they reflect. You can see that you are capable of handling the difficult circumstances. Those are only circumstances. You are something else. You’re above all that.


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