Getting Stuck

Life tends to start out pretty well, but at some point life may become more imposing than interesting. That is when you get stuck.  When people’s expectations of you seem more that you can do, you may get stuck. When your hopes for yourself begin to seem unrealistic and unattainable, you may get stuck. When what you need to be happy isn’t available, you get stuck. When your idea of who you should be is way different from who you are, you get stuck. However you get there, getting stuck sucks.

Life is flow. When you get stuck you block the flow. Life keeps flowing around you and wears away at you, like a stream erodes a rock as it rushes past.  Rocks don’t suffer as they erode. Rocks are fine. Our ideas of who we are turn us into rocks, but unlike rocks, we suffer. If we knew how to let go of our ideas and rejoin the flow, we would.  If we knew which ideas were making us stuck we would gladly get rid of those ideas. Figuring out which ideas are getting us stuck is the key to getting unstuck.

To find the ideas that are getting you stuck, you have to be the rock and feel the water rushing by. Understand that, like the rock, you are fine. Feel the pain of the stream eroding you. Let the pieces of you that cause resistance wear off. Your center is much lighter than the rock. When enough rock has worn away, the center will begin to float again.  What gets you stuck is not solid. It is ideas. If you want something, you don’t hurt because you don’t have it, you hurt because you want it. Want feels solid, but it is an idea and it can weigh you down. When you stop entertaining these heavy ideas, you float.


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