Getting Through Darkness

If you have suffered a great loss or, if you struggle with depression, the painful feeling is extreme and unrelenting. You need to find a way out of the darkness. Unfortunately, the only way out of the darkness is through the darkness. In order to get through the darkness, you need courage. You need to know that you can do it. You can do it.

When you feel sad, feel sad and use that sadness to build compassion. To build compassion from sadness, think of your sadness as everybody’s sadness. Recognize that everybody is suffering just as you are suffering. That broken hearted feeling is your tender heart experiencing deep love. Compassion is connecting with the love and using it to help yourself through this difficult time. Compassion is also using your painful experiences to understand and help others.You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to help others, just feeling your sadness and building your compassion is helping others.

As you travel through this darkness, be kind to yourself. Be kind to others, if you feel angry, try not to take it out on other people or yourself. Cry as much as you need to. Keep breathing. If it feels like you can’t go on, you can. Keep on. Keep offering your sadness to the world. Somewhere in that darkness there is incredible light. It will find you.


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