Going to Zen

Most Saturday evenings I go to a Zen meditation group. I love it. It is inconvenient for my family because I have plans for every Saturday evening. As I leave the house each Saturday, I say, “I’m going to Zen”

My daughter told me that I am not correct when I say that I’m going to Zen. She said that zen is an adjective as in that’s so zen. She says it’s like saying, I’m going to fat, or stinky, or tall, or purple. It makes no sense to go to an adjective. It was a zen conversation.

When I say that I’m going to Zen, I use it as a noun, as a specific place I go. If I wanted to describe what we do there, then it could also be a verb. I will meditate, prostrate, congregate and eat. That is what I do when I zen. Zen is also an adverb because I do all of that zenly.

So each Saturday that I am able, I zenly zen at the zen Zen center. The rest of the week I zen zenly or unzenly, depending on your point of view as to what is zen. There is really nothing to Zen, it just signifies what is happening.


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