Good and Bad Moods

Living in the present is fantastic when you are in a good mood. It stinks when you are in a bad mood. That is the nature of suffering. Moods change minute to minute, hour to hour and with each change of circumstance. They change with the weather, with the temperature, with the amount of food in your belly, with your alertness, tiredness, or engagement. If you are in a good mood, life is good. If you are in a bad mood life is still good, it just doesn’t feel that way, because you’re suffering.

Good moods are great because they allow you to enjoy life. Bad moods are great because they allow you to examine life. When you don’t use your bad moods to examine life, then they just become suffering and the only thing that is good about them is that they go away. When you use your bad moods as an opportunity for introspection, you will learn more about the nature of your suffering. This will also help you understand other people’s suffering and their moods.

As you learn to engage with your moods and watch the thoughts associated with each mood, you will learn to see where they come from and where they go. When you get used to their comings and goings, they won’t seem so ominous and they become easier to let go.

Bad moods are much more tolerable when they don’t last too long. Good moods are always tolerable, that’s why they’re good. You are just as fine in the sun, rain, good or bad mood. It’s just easier to be you when you’re feeling good about it.


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