Good God

The big problem with God is that this entity contains evil. This problem could have been nothing more than a typo at the beginning of time. This entity was meant to be called Good. There may have been no original sin, just an early typographical error.

Deep down, everybody suspects that life is good. That’s why people put up with so much garbage. When the garbage piles up, people lose sight of the good. Just like the error prone creator of the universe, they are missing an ‘o’. Many people who cannot see the good, still have faith in God. They see through the spelling mistake and know that the fabric of the universe is really Good. Those people who get hung up on words and language are at a loss. They feel all this pain and experience evil in world and wonder what happened to God. 

Good exists alongside of evil. Happiness comes and goes with sadness, boredom, worry, fear, anger, angst, joy and love. We are all connected and share our experiences constantly. As a calm friend consoles one in crisis, kindness and caring exist hand in hand with hopelessness.

Whatever concept the word ‘god’ evokes, an all powerful will of the world,  an idol of idiots, gentle hands holding existence, a merciless dispenser of justice, a merciful fountain of forgiveness, or the mystery of mysteries, that concept reflects an essential part of yourself and world view. If you look deeply into yourself, you will find Good. Whether or not you find God depends on your beliefs and attention to spelling.


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