Goodbye Samsara

The aimless aim of Buddhism is to transcend Samsara. Samsara is the cycle of birth, life and death. Anybody who aspires to Nirvana is living in Samsara. When you transcend Samsara there are no regrets, no longing, no looking back, there is only Nirvana.

In Samsara we have attachments, desires, anger, greed, and ignorance. When we transcend Samsara we lose all that, but we see others still stuck in the cycle, still suffering, and so we help them.

A beautiful, compassionate, wise, brilliant, enlightened man, who called himself Sam, and shared his Samsaran musings to help relieve the suffering in the world, just took his practice offline. As we are delighted to transcend Samsara, we are delighted to get a final, powerful lesson in impermanence and attachment from Sam. Goodbye friend, thank you for the teaching. Enjoy Nirvana.

ps – Sam seems to be enjoying Nirvana in a new blog at:


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