It’s time to recognize your greatness. Your potential for greatness doesn’t matter, that has nothing to do with anything. Your greatness cannot be compared to anybody else’s greatness, because that is their greatness. Your greatness cannot be measured by your attitude or accomplishments. Your greatness sits in your heart of hearts and expresses itself though everything that you do. Even doubting your greatness is an expression of your greatness.

Recognizing greatness in others is also part of your greatness. It doesn’t matter if others can see your greatness or not. If they can’t, that is their limitation, as they do not understand their own greatness. They likely believe that there is a limited amount of greatness in the world and they are trying to compete for scraps. When you recognize your greatness, you cannot hide it, it shines through everything you do.

Once your recognize your greatness, life gets a little easier because you no longer have to compete. You are free to be you. If you hurt, you don’t hurt because you are not great, you hurt because you hurt. If you choose to compete, your style is marked with kindness and compassion and the prize is not demonstrating your greatness, but helping others recognize theirs. Mighty great of you.


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