Groovy Ruts

Nobody minds being in a groove. Nobody likes being in a rut. The problem with ruts is that they try to predict the future. If you are in a rut, you see that rut extending as far as you can see. When you are in a groove, you don’t worry about where that groove goes, because you are feeling good and glad to be where you are. To turn your rut into a groove, you have to see where you are in your rut.

Nothing looks wonderful from a rut, so don’t expect things to look wonderful. Don’t expect to feel wonderful. Feel what you feel in your rut. See what you see in your rut. In a rut, a lot of what you see will be painted grey. Notice the grey paint. As you look closely at the grey, you will see flecks of yellow and splashes of red. When you see your present clearly, even your rut starts to look a little groovy.

As you look at your situation with open eyes, without expectations or laments, you will see that your rut is also a groove. All rivers lead to the ocean.


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