Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell are not final destinations as much as states of mind. If you find yourself full of beauty, peace and love then you are in heaven.  If you find yourself surrounded by beauty, peace and love and you can’t see or feel it, then you are in hell. We are all surrounded by beauty, peace and love, and we are all filled with beauty, peace and love, we just feel different levels of connectedness.

Compassion comes naturally when you feel like you are filled and overflowing with beauty peace and love. Whenever you see somebody who feels differently, because they think differently, you just want them to know. That is compassion. Even if you feel disconnected from beauty, peace or love, when you feel compassion for another person or animal, you are connected.

Heaven and hell are ideas of eternity, if you imagine how you feel now will last forever, then you may find these ideas helpful to locate yourself. Beauty, peace and love are present experiences, no matter where you are, they are available to you now.


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