Help Yourself

One of the most frustrating thing about life is that nobody can bring about change in your life but you. When you get completely fed up with the way things are, your only option is to help yourself. One step you can take in helping yourself is inviting others to help you.  People always want to help others.  It is what brings us the most satisfaction in the world. When you are ready to help yourself, people will line up to help you.

Even with all the help you can get, the most significant change is up to you.  You can talk out your problems with the most talented psychiatrist, shaman, or Zen Master, and all they can do is point you back to yourself. You are left to make that leap that will ultimately make you whole.

The best part about helping yourself is that you are completely up to the task.  You are the only qualified person for the job. It can be done and you can do it.

The world abounds with healing and helping energies. When you recognize that you need change, you just have to trust that those energies are plentiful and available to you and then, help yourself.


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