Hocus Focus

The power of focus is magical.  By directing your attention, you can change your world.  Just like Cinderella’s despair summoned her Fairy Godmother to get her to the ball, you can use the power of your mind to find happiness and fulfillment in your life.

To find happiness with focus, focus your attention on your thoughts. If you are starting from a place of despair, pay attention to the thoughts that are feeding your despair. Watch all of your self judgements and criticisms. Watch how you tear yourself down by imagining what others are thinking of you. See how you are critical of others. When you focus your attention on your habitual thinking, these thoughts change. As you build your focus, your stray thoughts will no longer pick away at you when you’re not paying attention. Happiness rushes in to fill the void left when your mind is not filled with negative chatter.

If you really want to sharpen your magic wand, meditate. Sit for fifteen or twenty minutes a couple times per day. Focus your attention on your breathing, a mantra, a koan, a crystal or a candle.  With trained focus you can watch your pumpkin transform into a carriage. With continued focus, your carriage could take you to the moon.


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