Strangely enough, the way to handle humiliation is with humility. A truly humble person cannot be humiliated. They don’t even feel humility. Practicing humility, like any mindfulness practice is easier when you are not suffering. If you are cruising along, feeling  good about life, it is easy to appreciate life and not think much about yourself. If life is knocking you down and it feels like one humiliating experience after another, you feel terrible and think about yourself a lot. That terrible feeling of I’m not good enough can ring like a bell, to remind you to practice humility.

A bright side to not feeling good enough is that you are not falling for the deception that you are better than others. Unfortunately, you are falling for the deception that others are better than you. Humility is understanding that you are simply existing and ideas that you are good or bad are extra. Transforming humiliation into humility is humbly heroic. However, when you make that transformation, humility leaves you feeling more humble than heroic.

When you are truly humble you are not concerned with humility or humiliation. If you notice yourself feeling humiliation, let that feeling ring like a bell, reminding you to practice humility. Bow, and honor all that is good in you and the world. Ding.


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