I Want You To Be Happy

This is why I like to write about Zen.  Zen is a process that values happiness.  It is also a process that values sadness.  It is a process that values experience. Happy, sad, angry, scared, confused, love. Happiness is the bait, sadness is the hook. People who are generally happy don’t go looking for ways to find it. They are just happy.  People who are sad and anxious and scared need to find a way out. Zen and Buddhism recognizes this condition and offers comfort and compassion.

Zen is by no means the only way to find happiness. Really it is just a cool word to describe the path. Zen tells you about this amazing experience called satori, whereby you shed your ignorance and experience the wonder of the universe in a flash of insight.  Then it tells you to forget about trying to experience that. It can be confusing, or it can whip up your current confusion to its breaking point. Explore confusion and you find wisdom. Explore fear and you find courage. Explore sadness and you find happiness.

I  want you to be happy. I want to be happy. If you are not feeling happiness in the Western world, it can be helpful to look from an Eastern point of view.  Happiness lurks in quiet places, and it moves.  Be ever alert.


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