Identity Crisis

One of the aims of a Zen practice is to create an identity crisis for yourself. If you are already having an identity crisis, you are well on your way. The purpose of the identity crisis is to change your idea about who and what you are. This is an especially compelling idea if you are not content with who or what you seem to be now.

To create an identity crisis for yourself, throw out your idea of what you are. You may think that you are you, with all your problems, challenges, gifts and graces, but to create a crisis, you have to imagine that is not you. You have to entertain the idea that your idea of what you are is wrong. 

If you manage to lose your idea of what you are, you will find yourself in an identity crisis. Then you will become obsessed with figuring out what you are. You will search for yourself like you have misplaced your car keys when you are late for work, or you can’t find you cell phone. When you resolve that crisis and see what you are, you will be delighted. You will also see that you are already that amazing thing that you are.


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