In the Road

As kids, we learn to be very careful when crossing the road. We develop a special awareness for that step from the sidewalk to the pavement of a street. That awareness comes from an understanding that we are often not aware of where we are stepping. When we step into the road, that lack of awareness could get us killed. In that situation it is very important to be aware.

In our minds, we stand in the middle of the road all the time. Thoughts go whizzing by, left and right, day and night. Some of them are little old ladies on bicycles that go gently by, some are busses that plow through us. That’s life in the road. It’s no wonder we get anxious. We need to develop a special awareness for how to live in the road.

When we look into mindfulness practices it’s like wandering into a crossroad and getting hit by a bus that looks like a sweet, little, old lady. When you begin to seek out thoughts that help you use your mind to live in the present, find happiness, be nice, create peace, you have already been hit by that bus. You’re going in a completely different direction. That’s your life.

You can fight it. You can hang on to your old habits. You can imagine that you are standing safely on the sidewalk, waiting for the bus to pick you up, but you are on it. You’re plastered to the front grill, filling the seats and driving it. You just have to see where it goes. It’s heading for peace.


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