One of the inevitabilities of our lives is our individuality. No matter what we do, we will be the individual that we are. Our individuality is something we notice early on in life, then we spend the rest of our lives trying to live with it. It is not always easy.

Unlike an artist, who can paint a canvas and declare it finished, the work of creating our individuality is never done. Everything we do and think is an expression of our individuality. If we don’t like the individual we are, that is part of being that particular individual. Not liking our own individuality can become a large part of being that individual. Like every aspect of our individuality, what we like and don’t like is subject to change. We change our minds all the time. As our minds change, so we change.

Our individuality is incredible. Many of us love to express our individuality through our ability to fit in with the collective. Others like to stand out from the collective. We like to control how we fit in and how we stand out. In order to control which collective we fit in with and stand out from, we have to negotiate many different environments. Some of us can express our best individuality in a shopping mall, others on a beach, and some in a quiet corner. Some of us like to express ourselves to large crowds, others to close friends and family. Even when circumstances are not ideal, we continue to express our unique individualities.

What makes up our individuality is a complex combination of internal and external circumstances that change with the weather. Each of us is an amazing expression of human possibility. If we don’t like something about what we think we are, we let that change. If we can’t let it change, we make it change. How we handle our individuality depends on who, when and where we are. Whether we like it or not, we are each, individually, something special.


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