Inner Peace

Nothing can disturb your inner peace. Your inner peace is always peaceful and undisturbed. Things can distract you from your inner peace and they often do. Things can be so distracting that you may forget that you even have inner peace. You may think you have lost it. You can’t lose it. Your inner peace is huge. You can see your inner peace in the sky, in the stars, in the ocean, that’s how big your inner peace is.

No matter what happens in your life, your inner peace is there for you. Whenever you feel like you need it, just drop everything and look for it. Turn off your phone, turn off your computer, turn off the television, turn off the radio, turn off your thinking. Go for a walk and see peace in nature. See peace in a cup of tea. See peace all around you. Whatever peace you see, that is your inner peace.

All the distractions don’t disturb your inner peace, they just disturb you. When you need your peace, it is there for you. Visit it often.


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