It Hurts Now

Because you are hurting now does not mean that you will always hurt. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you. If you are aware of your pain, then you have the tool that you need to get through it. You have your awareness. Your pain comes mostly from your thoughts. With awareness you can change your thoughts and change the quality of your pain.

When you feel yourself suffering from a painful situation, notice the thoughts that are swirling around the pain. Focus your awareness on the thoughts and let them go. Now, see how the pain reacts to the loss of thoughts.

Feeling pain hurts, but when you hold your pain in your gentle awareness it offers an incredible opportunity to grow. Pain does not diminish you. It teaches you. When you learn to learn from pain, you see how the pain comes and goes. You see how you can hold onto it and let it pass. It hurts when it comes, but it leaves you feeling fine. Watch it.


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