It’s Okay to Suffer

The path to end all suffering starts with suffering. That’s why it’s okay to suffer. In order to turn suffering into the path to end all suffering, you have to give yourself permission to suffer. You shouldn’t look for new ways to suffer, but if you find yourself hurting in one of your usual ways, then accept where you and use it to move along your path.

Besides not seeking suffering for yourself, you should try your best not to create suffering for other people. Everybody is on their own path and everybody will find their own particular ways to hurt without your help. When you find other people suffering, you can try to help alleviate them. That is part of your path to end all suffering.

The way to alleviate your own and others’ suffering begins with recognizing suffering and understanding that it is okay, natural and a common experience to suffer. Even if you can’t change the conditions that lead to the suffering, but when you notice the feeling, you can practice compassion for yourself or others. Compassion takes the edge off the suffering. When you are truly okay with suffering, it’s not suffering anymore. It is sensational.


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