Just Be Perfect

Sometimes it seems that we can never do enough to prove to the world and ourselves that we are worthy. Even if we demonstrate extraordinary worthiness in one area of life, there is always another area where we can find fault with ourselves. We may feel proud in the morning and ashamed in the evening. We may feel important around one group of people and insignificant around another. There are millions of ways to measure our self worth, but we often rate ourselves based on our circumstance and mood at the moment. One way around all the ups and downs of self esteem is to just be perfect.

It is not easy to be perfect all day because we get distracted and start feeling guilty, ashamed, sad, scared, bored, or angry and we forget all about being perfect. We may make a mistake, show our ignorance, hurt somebody we love, or be hurt by somebody we love and we feel all messed up and far from perfect. That’s why it’s important to set aside a few minutes a day to remember that we are perfect. That’s why we meditate.

When you meditate you are perfect. You may not sit perfectly straight, you may fall asleep, you may think some nasty thoughts and feel those difficult emotions, but as you sit there and practice meditation, you are perfect. Breathe in, breathe out, perfect. You are everything that you can be in those moments. When you have sat perfectly for enough time, you can get up again and forget about how perfect you are.

When you get used to sitting a couple of times a day and experiencing a few moments of perfection here and there, that can carry you through the ups and downs of the rest of the day. You’re still perfect as you imagine how horrible you are, but you have lost touch with the perfection. When you need to remember, sit still for a few minutes, breathe and just be perfect. 


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