Just Now

When all there is is now, it puts a lot of pressure on now to be something special. Now is clearly something special, but if we demand specialness from now, now may not live up to our expectations. When now doesn’t live up to our demands, we start to imagine other times in the past, future or different present, that were better, will be better, or could be better than now.

Those imagined and remembered times may seem better than now, but the remembered times were always leading up to now and the imagined times can only grow out of now. If we think that there is something wrong with now, then our expectations of now are unrealistic. We are making impossible demands of now.

Now doesn’t try to impress, but if we pay close attention to all that now is, we can’t help but to be impressed.

If you imagine all the activities that are taking place in the world, in the universe and in the cells of your own body right now, you get a sense of all that now contains. Just now, as you think of nothing but now, now seems special. It’s nothing special. It is just now.


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