Just Thinking

Our minds go to some crazy places. They tend to take our bodies with them. We can use our bodies to control our minds, just as we can use our minds to control our bodies. It is wonderful when we exhaust our bodies so our minds shut off. It is also wonderful when our minds shut off and let our bodies either do the work they need to do, or get the rest they need. What do we do though when our minds don’t shut off? What do we do when our minds wake up our bodies at three in the morning? What do we do when our minds take us to the dark places and our bodies can’t seem to do anything about it? When that happens, we can remind ourselves that wherever our minds take us is just thinking.

Anything that we are thinking, no matter how real it may be, is just thinking. We may think up the cure to cancer, which would be exciting, but that is just thinking. We may think that life is too painful and purposeless, but that is just thinking. If you think up the cure for cancer, write it down and share it. If you think that life is miserable, write it down and throw it out, or just throw it out. That is just thinking.

When you recognize that all of your thoughts and ideas about the world are just thinking, then you find a little bit of freedom. When you recognize that you are not a clairvoyant prophet, your thoughts become less foreboding. An active, worrying mind can still be annoying and you can still use your body to hogtie your mind, by sitting absolutely still and focusing all of your attention on your breath as it runs into and out of your navel. If your mind gets away again, pay attention to what it is that you’re thinking, but remember it is just thinking. Breathe. 


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