Kissing Boo Boos

Mindfulness is like kissing boo boos. When a child skins their knee or stubs their toe and their parent kisses the place that hurts, the child feels better. Kissing boo boos works. Mindfulness works the same way.

When a child experiences a minor bump and feels pain, the pain consumes them. Their reaction is to run away from the pain. They cry and run to their mommy or daddy to make everything better. By kissing the boo boo, the parent takes the child’s focus, which is scrambling to get away from the pain, and focuses it on the source of the pain. When a loving kiss is applied to the source of pain, the pain can be felt, accepted, associated with love, and the situation is under control. Balance is restored.

When you are older and suffer from emotional boo boos, you can use mindfulness to kiss those boo boos too. General mindfulness alerts you to your mood. With more focused mindfulness, you can watch the thoughts that contribute to your mood. When you notice yourself thinking hurtful things about youself or others, you just kiss the boo boo. Don’t judge the thought. Don’t scold yourself for having the thought. Just recognize the thought as a hurtful thought and kiss it away with loving kindness. With each mindful kiss, a boo boo gets better. Keep kissing those boo boos and you will feel a sense of control. Balance will be restored.


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