Letting Go

We all know that in order to find peace and happiness we just have to let go. Like all simple advice, letting go is not easy. One of the reasons that it is so difficult to let go is that we have to let go of something. We have to let go of our egos or we have to let go of our neuroses. We have to let our habits go. We have to let our desires and our anger go. It can be difficult or impossible to let these things go. What we need to do is let go of how we think about letting go.

To find peace and happiness, we don’t have to actively release things, that is not letting go, that is allowing to leave. Letting go is even more passive. Let things go as they go. Things go as they go and we have to find peace in that.

If there is a freight train barreling along the tracks, let it pass. If you decide not to let it pass and stand on the tracks in front of it, it passes anyway. You get obliterated. 

Letting go is becoming a mirror. A mirror reflects everything without passing judgement or grabbing onto the images that appear on its surface. It lets things come and go.

Although we are mirrors reflecting things as they go, we are also a participants interacting with things. Letting things go does not mean that we don’t interact with the world. Our actions, reactions and interactions are part of all that we are letting go. Our anger, desire and ego tricks come and go and we are aware of it all. If we resist, it happens. If we let it happen, it happens as it happens. It’s happening. Let it go.


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