Liar Liar

It is a sad day when you learn that your most trusted advisor has been lying to you. Unfortunately, this is the case.  Your most trusted source of information, you own mind, has been lying to you.  It’s not all bad news. It turns out that the lies are all kinds of stories about your own deficiencies. If you suspect your mind is lying to you, there is a simple test you can do. Just go look at a mirror and see what your thoughts tell you about yourself. If your inner voice makes you feel inadequate in any way, then you have identified a liar. It’s worse than a liar, it’s an abusive liar.

Once you realize that your mind’s pants are on fire, you can start to look for the truth.  If you know a person that lies a lot, the only time that you can trust that they are telling the truth is when they are silent. It is the same with your mind. If you can’t trust the noise your mind makes, you have to silence it. The way to silence your mind is to observe it.

Observing your mind is a full time job. You can begin with general observations. If you observe your moods you can get a better understanding of what your mind is doing for you.  If you are feeling good, your mind is probably quiet or engaged.  If you are feeling anxious or sad, your mind is busy telling you stories and you should pay attention to the running monolog. If you notice your mind passing judgement on others, those you love or strangers, then it is only a matter of time until your mind turns on you and passes similar destructive judgements.  Now that you know you mind is prone to fibbing, you will be less inclined to fall for your own baseless criticisms.

If you want to become an expert in observing your mind, you should try a meditation practice. When you sit still and watch your mind, you create a judgement free zone. You can observe the habits of your mind. Watch your breathing and thoughts. When the thoughts carry you away, whether they are kind or cruel, don’t add judgement, just return to your breathing.  When you learn to observe your thoughts, you will no longer fall for your mind’s lies. A quiet mind tells no lies.


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