Life After Ego

Our egos cause us nothing but trouble. Ego is what makes it difficult to get up in the morning. Ego makes us nervous when we have to take a test.  Ego makes us regret all the stupid decisions that we made in the past, and fear what the future will bring.  These fears, anxieties and regrets are all things we would gladly live without. So why hold on to Ego?

We all hold on to Ego, because Ego holds on to us. Ego is all we know of ourselves. As much as we hate Ego, we love Ego. Ego makes us rejoice when we ace the test were nervous about. Imagine life without Ego.  You may lose all ambition. You may find yourself content wandering the world feeling compassion for people suffering from their entrenched egos.  You may choose to live under a bridge. People will think you’re bananas. Then, what if ego comes back and you’re living under a bridge, far from home, with all kinds of new regrets? I wouldn’t put it past Ego to try something like that.

With that alternative, it seems prudent to hold on to Ego as long as you can. Keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t cause you too much despair. Enjoy Ego’s antics for as long as they continue. Find the joy buried deep in your problems (it is hard to do that until the problem is past) and appreciate Ego for concealing that joy so well. When your ego gets tired of amusing you, it may just leave. You will have lost nothing.


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