Likes and Dislikes

We put a lot of value on what we like and dislike. We build our identities around the things that we like. We associate ourselves with music,  books, movies,  food, places, and people.   Anything we like, we make into us.  If we love it, it becomes our core. Our likes are not enough to define us. To make ourselves clear, we have to define what we are not.  Those are our dislikes. What repulses us is totally opposed to what we are. That is us, right there in the middle of our likes and dislikes.

This is helpful for when we meet new people.  We can compare all those things that we like and dislike and we can decide if we are compatible.  If we feel compatible, we will even take on each other’s likes and dislikes.  Things we formally disliked, we may start to like and we may stop liking some of the things we used to like.  We change.  We may even find that we dislike the person we thought we liked.  We may find that we are repulsed by the person we thought we loved. These drastic shifts can cause great distress.  Our core shifts. We no longer know who we are.

We are not our likes and dislikes.  We are not our opinions. These things are just ideas, totally irrelevant to who and what we are. Finding things to like and dislike is just something we do with our active minds. We have to be careful about confusing who we are with what we think.  We are more than that.


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