Logic, Faith, Joy

Logic will only get you so far. If logic were enough, nobody would fall into depression. There’s no logical reason to feel so bad about life. When you are depressed, there is no logical way to think your way out of depression. There is also no way to think yourself out of depression without logic. You need a touch of logic to engage your faith. You need to know that there is a needle in the haystack before you commit yourself to looking for it.

A little bit of logic can turn the world on it’s head. Something simple like, if years of therapy can make me feel better, then I have it in me to feel better. If antidepressants can change my outlook, then things are not as they appear. If meditation can ease my stress, then my stress is temporary. With a little bit of logic you can understand that there is a way out. From there, you follow faith.

If you have faith that you can make it through the the next five minutes, then you have five minutes to turn the world on its head.  If you have faith that there is joy in the world, you can observe joy. If you can move your body, stand on your head. There’s nothing logical about that, but there could be a glimmer of joy in the experience. Have faith.


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