Look Out For Outlook

Our outlook is how we experience the world.  If we are happy, we have a happy outlook.  If we are anxious, the world looks scary.  If we are depressed the world seems oppressive. Our outlook is tainted by our inner state. Our inner state is affected by our outlook. If we want to change our inner state, we can look out for our outlook.

Our outlook feeds our moods. If we confuse our outlook with how things are, then we will unconsciously feed our moods.  If we see problems wherever we turn, we will become annoyed. As we get more and more annoyed, we see more problems. Then we get angry and we start to notice things that tick us off. Then, we get so ticked off that we break down and become sad. When we’re sad, we see things that are wrong with us. Then we become annoyed.

We can get stuck in this kind of cycle at any time. In order to break the cycle, we look out for our outlook. If we notice our opinions and judgements of the people and things around us, we can notice the tone of our thoughts. If the tone is negative, we are feeding our distress. If we catch ourselves doing this, we can help ourselves by refocusing our outlook. We can intentionally expose ourselves to pleasant smells, tastes, sights, sounds, textures and thoughts. There will always be something beautiful in our immediate environment. If we practice looking out for that beauty we change our outlook. We change our world.


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