Losing Weight

A lot of people out there are not overjoyed with their bodies.  They think they would be happier if they were skinnier. I don’t really buy that, but I know that it’s a bit true too. 

I’m not a dietitian or anything so fun, but I think that the best way to lose weight, save the planet, and all that good karma stuff, is to just go vegan.

Vegan is crazy discipline. You could probably lose weight if you just gave up meat and cheese, or just pizza. Going full on vegan is good too, because it is totally engaging.  You start really thinking about what’s in the food you eat. You try new recipes. You feel good about what you eat.  You get an outside look at Western culture.  You tick off your parents.  And, you shed pounds. The benefits are endless.

Committing to a life of veganism is extreme, but if you take the Oprah challenge and try it for a week, or three weeks, that would likely be enough to drop a few pounds, and you might get hooked.

Even if you don’t want to lose weight, but you want to express your love for your body, eating fruits and vegetables and nuts and berries is a nice way to do it.  Buddha did it.


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